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What to Consider with Material Management & Organization of Your Aerospace Sub-Assembly

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Air India just signed the largest commercial aircraft order in history with Boeing and Airbus!

This record-setting fleet expansion bodes well for manufacturers that produce aerospace sub-assemblies, but ensuring the timely delivery of any aircraft part requires significant focus on your material management and the organization of your manufacturing processes.

Ait IndiaDuring February 2023, Boeing and Airbus delivered 74 new commercial jets and reported an increase in orders (year on year) from fleets servicing the global travel market. Coincidently, over the last two years other carriers like Delta and United embarked on projects to upgrade their airplane interiors – to improve the customers’ experience, This leaves designers having to play a “game of inches” with considering the feasibility of any assembly.

Naturally, constraints like space and weight are crucial when designing an aerospace sub-assembly – and often, the design ingenuity comes down to the collaboration between the designer and the manufacturer. About half of our projects at Kenson Plastics involve aerospace parts, including turnkey assemblies where we provide end-to-end manufacturing solutions and process optimization, logistical support, and material management services to our customers.


Build to Print – Turnkey Manufacturing of Aerospace Sub-Assemblies at Kenson Plastics

airplane seats circleAlong with design considerations like lightweighting, aerospace components also have to comply with strict quality standards such as AS9100. A key requirement of the standard is maintaining the traceability of all materials that make up the assembly. Currently, there is a shortage of raw materials (especially plastics) that makes it difficult to access suppliers who can achieve the desired lead times.

Kenson Plastics is a build-to-print turnkey manufacturer that can help customers overcome these challenges. Our services span the entire manufacturing lifecycle, from sourcing materials to final assembly and quality validation via destructive testing.


Taking Advantage of Our Material Management and Organization Capabilities

When you have to deliver on time, within spec, and demonstrate compliance, Kenson Plastics can assist. Our customized purchasing system, along with the sheer volume of materials we order, can alleviate any delays you face in your manufacturing operation.

Even when parts are more complex, we can ensure manufacturing repeatability and manage the tight tolerance stack-up that aerospace assemblies demand.


Additionally, we can deliver complete assemblies that include:

  • Installing standard hardware like threaded inserts, nutplates, and fasteners
  • Bonding additional plastic parts and adding secondary fixtures
  • Thermoforming aerospace parts that have EMI shielding and/or corrosion protection
  • Sonic welding, hot stamping, riveting, and printing to match the application

By trusting Kenson Plastics as your turnkey aerospace assembly manufacturing partner, you can reduce lead times, gain access to our network of suppliers, and sleep soundly as we fly each part off the assembly line while adhering to your precise design parameters.


Shorten Lead Times and Access the Best Materials with Kenson Plastics

Sourcing and managing materials that deliver according to the safety factors required for aerospace assemblies can be tough for today’s designers. Kenson Plastics has the necessary expertise and access to a supplier network that can turn your assembly’s design into a viable product within weeks. We deliver when other manufacturers won’t even consider your project.

If you have an aerospace sub-assembly design that you think won’t succeed, let’s start the conversation today and see where we can help.

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