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Thermoforming Parts Equal to Injection Molding in Quality: Improving Design Economy with Ingenuity

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As a designer, you always want to increase the perception of value when a customer sees or uses your product. This requires designing with the four subsets of value in mind:

  • Functional – It solves a problem
  • Financial – It costs a reasonable price
  • Social – Customers discuss it
  • Psychological – Customers have positive interactions

Engineer CircleProducts need to be durable, usable, and affordable – characteristics that aren’t always present when scoping projects for smaller production runs. Thermoforming parts are an alternative to injection molding where you can get the same fit and finish, within tolerance, using a cost-effective manufacturing process.


Thermoforming Parts Solve Challenges across Industries

Thermoforming enables you to increase your economy of design without sacrificing product quality. From material selection to dialing in the design tolerances for streamlined manufacturing, our process can solve unique application challenges with both primary and secondary operations.

Kenson - Texture CircleThe form, fit, and function of each part require manufacturing repeatability, but you may also want to adapt the design after production starts. Thermoforming provides you with this kind of flexibility and design ingenuity. Kenson Plastics will take a holistic view of your manufacturing requirements. We conduct a comprehensive review to see where we can optimize for manufacturability. Once we have a complete picture of what the final product’s requirements are, we can iterate designs and the thermoforming process to achieve the required results.


Discuss Your Project with Kenson Plastics

The earlier we get involved, the more value we bring to the project. By knowing the application constraints, production requirements, and any special considerations like EMI shielding or tighter tolerance specifications, Kenson Plastics can help you find an optimized, financially viable manufacturing solution.

The tooling costs for thermoforming parts are less than with injection molding, while the secondary operations can include heat-sunk inserts, fixtures, and painting. Thermoforming provides manufacturers with a cost-effective alternative when the economies of scale tip against a product’s future.

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Discover New Manufacturing Potential with Thermoforming Solutions from Kenson Plastics

Kenson Plastics is a leader in thermoforming techniques for all industries. The manufacturing processes we use for customers in aerospace, automotive, and healthcare ensure you get quality products from each production run. Our experience helps reduce your project runway and delivers repeatable results that can evolve with your production needs.

For design engineers that need an alternative manufacturing method that uses design ingenuity to increase economy, contact Kenson Plastics today.


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