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We specialize in production of precision pressure-formed plastic components, enclosures and other specialty parts. We are dedicated to finding resourceful, cost-effective solutions to even the most intricate designs. No matter what your project is, we'll work closely with you to get it done. We produce only the highest quality products, and we have a full array of services and machinery to offer our customers the best experience possible.

Markets - Prototyping


Kenson is willing to create prototypes for our customers, even in the shortest of lead times. Our engineering and sales staffs are willing and able to assist in expediting your needs, whether that be temporary tooling, one-off machining, or custom design assistance.

Finishing - Markets - Kenson


Upon customer release of the final product design, Kenson will begin the in-house tooling review process. Our custom tools can be used to manufacture precision parts with distinct and sharp details including grills, undercuts, superior surface finishes and etchings.

Markets - Forming


The tight tolerances by which we make our tools afford us thermoforming precision that is unmatched in the industry. Using these quality tools in our pressure forming and vacuum forming machines, we’re able to accomplish extremely detailed features such as deep draws, undercuts and sharp corners. 

Machine - Markets - Kenson


The Kenson production floor includes six beds of 3-axis, 18 beds of 5-axis and a twin table 6 axis robotic router. These machining centers enable us to produce and repeat precise trimming, resulting in secondary-feature accuracy every time. Depending on parts and complexity, we evaluate each project on an individual basis and choose the quickest and most cost-effective method required to get the job done.

Forming - Markets - Kenson


Though finishing is the last step of our process, it is definitely not the least of importance. Kenson is known for our superior surface finishes and quality. Our skilled fabrication team is experienced in sanding, preparation and special fulfillment orders, and they work with a full range of equipment including band saws, table saws and power shears. From custom colors and textures to detailed screen-printing, we can turn out automotive-quality finishes on any manufactured product.

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Interested in a tour our plant? We would be happy to schedule a time to meet online to show you around. You can see our equipment, capabilities, and our one-of-a-kind Tech Center that has everything but a pinball machine. [Note to self: Order pinball machine! That's going to be awesome.]

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Our manufacturing services include: 

  • Vacuum Forming (5  BEDS)
  • Pressure Forming (8 BEDS)
  • Precision Machining
    • Six 3-Axis Machines
    • Eighteen 5-Axis Machines
  • In-House Tool Production using aluminum, or a wide variety of prototype material
    • Engineering & Design
    • In-House Engineering Staff
    • Mastercam Proficiency
    • Utilization of FARO 3D SCANNING ARM
    • Prototype Parts and Tools 
  • Finishing Services
    • Automotive-Quality Painted Finishes
    • Custom Silk Screenings
    • Mold Etchings
    • Electro-Static Coatings
    • Custom-Color Materials

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