Chris O'leary

Chris O’Leary is one of three brothers who have owned and managed Kenson Plastics since 2008. He is the Vice President of Operations and Finance; but enjoys being involved in engineering development efforts in the Kenson Tech Center for new projects, as well as contributing to internal process improvement. Chris has a very hands-on approach to management which has been instrumental in supporting the strategic and fast growth of the business. Chris graduated with a BS in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University and subsequently received an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. When Chris isn’t working, you will find him outside spending time with his wife and two young daughters. His family enjoys hiking, biking, camping, skiing and gardening together. A few other hobbies Chris enjoys are, restoring old homes and cars, woodworking as well as being the world’s “okayest” welder. Chris is passionate about creating an environment within Kenson that has a meaningful, positive influence on the lives of its employees as well as a valued partner to its customers.

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