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Increase Precision for Demanding Product Applications with Thermoforming Technology

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Plastic part manufacturing for demanding product applications depends on a lot of upfront effort. You have to consider the tooling costs, what materials to use, where to place the fasteners, and still take care of the repeatability of the entire process.

Thermoforming is a multi-stage process that gives designers more freedom to operate within the tight constraints of a low-volume production run. Reduced costs upfront and the ability to iterate designs and processing techniques are some of the key benefits available from thermoforming.


What Demanding Product Applications Benefit from Thermoforming Technology

Wherever there is a need to increase the value perception of a product, thermoforming can be one of the secret weapons in your manufacturing process. Product personalization is becoming more popular with younger generations of shoppers who want everything from their mobile phones to automobiles bedazzled and unique.

Product Complexity Isn’t a ProblemAnother element of a demanding product application could be the material properties of the part. If it’s a housing for a medical device, then you may require some form of EMI shielding while ensuring each seam fits perfectly together like with this rollscope housing.


How Does Kenson Plastics Ensure Precision and Repeatability?

We use design economy and ingenuity to simplify the manufacturing process. By understanding the part in its totality, we can make design recommendations that improve manufacturability.

This could include elements like:

  • Multiple parts only using one mold when pressure-forming and machining
  • Adding fixtures and fasteners where needed after molding the part
  • Machining and secondary operations like painting ensure precision and cosmetics

From pressure forming to part fixturing for precise CNC machining, we use a consistent and repeatable process during all manufacturing stages. Each product will have to pass a rigorous inspection to ensure its dimensions, fit, and seal meets the highest quality standards as per your specifications.

Tech Center CircleWe can help product designers that want to prototype new products, dial in their manufacturing process, and produce consistent quality products at a viable cost per unit. Ideally, we’ll be involved early in the design process to understand all of the requirements. Then, we can advise on best practices using our experience and resources like our tech center for guidance.


Manufacturing Precision Parts for Demanding Applications with Kenson Plastics

Kenson Plastics utilizes the latest thermoforming technology and precise CNC machines to produce plastic parts for all industries. Our thermoforming manufacturing processes allow designers to establish a cost-effective production line for highly complex parts.

If you want to discuss your latest demanding product application with a thermoforming expert, get in touch with Kenson Plastics.


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