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CASE STUDY: Highly Complex Part Thermoforming for a Rollscope Housing Redesign

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We regularly deal with customers who simply don’t know what is possible in the modern thermoforming context. Our technique and approach remain flexible while giving industrial designers a wealth of options to achieve their goals – at a cost-effective price, and with all the required detail and features that you’d expect from injection molding. 


Take this project for example...


we collaborated with the client’s engineers and designers to incorporate the functional features necessary for part performance of their commercial inspection microscope called the “3DQC”.  


The redesign of the rollscope housing reduced the unit cost while delivering a sleeker, sexier product. We are able to start the process with a simple sketch and deliver an economical alternative to injection molding for low volume requirements.


Download the case study to learn more about the design issues the customer faced using a CNC machined aluminum housing for a medical application and how we were able to utilize thermoforming to provide a much better overall product design without having to compromise on any of the complex functionality and safety features of the rollscope.


The reality is that thermoforming can be a very good alternative to injection molding, especially when working with small volume product runs. Download this quick Kenson case study to learn more.


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