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Machining Aerospace Parts That Fit, Form & Function Perfectly Within Your Assembly

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What we make at Kenson is not necessarily an individual part, but often many parts that go into an assembly.  And that is the way that we think about them.


In this example, this is a bezel for an airplane seat. Essentially we are making all the parts but really what we are making is the overall assembly. And, the manner in which we machine these parts has to facilitate the way they go together. The seams are all perfect, everything is all perfectly aligned and we are sending the customer a completed assembly they can take out of the box and put directly onto the seat. 

A more complex example is this bezel. Where there are no less than forty parts that go into this assembly. Again, we are still maintaining all of the gaps the way it has been designed and all of the fits are nice and professional to then ultimately give the customer exactly what they are looking for directly out of the box.

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