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Our Educational Blog Will Be Coming Soon

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We hope you are enjoying the site. We are working hard to turn it into a fully functioning resource center for you.  So, if you have questions about your next custom design and/or production of precision pressure-formed plastic components, enclosures or other specialty parts, you will be able to find answers here. So, check back soon or feel free to subscribe and we will send you monthly info as we post. 



A little bit about us, Kenson Plastics


Products rotation 2In 1972, a father and son team fused their craftsmanship and pattern making skills to form Kenson Plastics. Over 35 years, they honed their services and created a business rooted in experience and trust.

In November of 2008, Kenson Plastics was taken under new ownership by a team that was able to preserve the old world craftsmanship and introduce a new world sense of professionalism. Still a family-owned business and staffed with an experienced workforce, Kenson was immediately poised to achieve the next level in manufacturing and customer service. Over the years, we have expanded our services, offerings and capabilities by such a grand scale, that in 2019 we moved to a larger facility to accommodate our customers’ needs. We brought on new equipment, and implemented a one-of-a-kind Tech Center to further enhance the collaboration and innovation we can provide our customers.

The entire Kenson team brings innovation to every aspect of the process, from design assistance to custom finishing. Their experiential know-how and attention to detail is evident in every part manufactured. With the right leadership, streamlined processes and a formal quality system all in place, Kenson Plastics is an unmatched force in the industry. 


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